How to get configureAsInlineObject

import configureAsInlineObject from 'fontoxml-families/src/configureAsInlineObject.js'

Type: Function

Use this family when inline objects can contain other elements which should be rendered.

Objects are displayed as themselves.

Objects can be deleted by pressing Backspace or Delete twice: the first press selects the frame to help the author understand what will happen.

Use this family if you need an inline element to have a custom visual representation and/or custom behavior which cannot be accomplished by any of the other inline families.

Use the createInnerJsonMl callback to render the object to HTML.

A clickOperation may be used to execute something on click.

The following widget areas are available:

  • inlineBefore

  • inlineAfter

This family has another additional option which affect how it behaves:

  • createInnerJsonMl


# Name Type Description
1. sxModule SxModule
2. selector XPathTest
3. markupLabel String
4. options CvkOptions
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