How to get configureAsBreakElement

import configureAsBreakElement from 'fontoxml-families/src/configureAsBreakElement.js'

Type: Function

This family is used to express a break element. A break element is an element which introduces a break in an inline context, for example XHTML's <br /> element.

The break element family, by default, does not have any visualization. However, widgeds can be used to add an icon of choice which indicates a break element.

The break element is situated inline and can be deleted by by pressing Backspace or Delete once.

The break element family should be used for elements which introduce a break inside an inline context.

The break element supports, apart from the default options, the clickOperation option, being the operation which is executed on click.

The inlineBefore and the inlineAfter widget areas are supported.


# Name Type Description
1. sxModule SxModule
2. selector XPathTest
3. markupLabel String
4. options CvkOptions