Type: Object

A character set should be provided to SpecialCharactersManager#addCharacterSet as an array of objects, each containing properties describing a character in the set.

A fragment of an example character set is given below:

        "id": "U+2669",
        "name": "Quarter note",
        "codePoints": [ "U+2669" ],
        "labels": [ "Unicode miscellaneous symbols" ]
        "id": "U+266A",
        "name": "Eighth note",
        "codePoints": [ "U+266A" ],
        "labels": [ "Unicode miscellaneous symbols" ]


Name Type Description
codePoints Array<String>

Unicode code points to insert when the character is inserted into the document, in order, encoded as strings starting with U+ followed by the hexadecimal representation of the code point.

id String

Unique identifier for the character

labels Array<String>

List of categories under which the character should appear in the modal, each specified using the descriptive label for the category shown in the modal.

name String

Descriptive name for the character, displayed in the modal

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