How to get blueprintQuery

import blueprintQuery from 'fontoxml-blueprints/src/blueprintQuery.js'

Type: Object

blueprintQuery provides convenience methods to traverse the XML DOM represented by a Blueprint.

While these functions can still be used, XPaths are more powerful and usually more readable.

In contexts where a Blueprint is available, always use blueprintQuery instead of domQuery to ensure the correct state of the DOM is used. Whenever possible, use XPath instead of either of these to avoid this distinction.


Name Type Description
compareNodePositions compareNodePositions
compareOffsetPositions compareOffsetPositions
comparePositions comparePositions
contains contains
findAllAncestors findAllAncestors
findChild findChild
findChildren findChildren
findClosestAncestor findClosestAncestor
findCommonAncestor findCommonAncestor
findDescendants findDescendants
findNextSibling findNextSibling
findPreviousSibling findPreviousSibling
getChildAt getChildAt
getDocumentNode getDocumentNode
getHighestLevelNodes getHighestLevelNodes
getNodeLength getNodeLength
getParentChildIndex getParentChildIndex
getTextContent getTextContent
isInDocument isInDocument
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