How to get blueprintMutations

import blueprintMutations from 'fontoxml-blueprints/src/blueprintMutations.js'

Type: Object

Blueprint mutations are atomic mutations on the dom. Using these instead of the methods on Blueprint has the advantage that it takes positions into account.

Blueprint mutations do not validate their outcome. They can be chained to mutate multiple things in a structure.

Static properties

Name Type Description
unsafeCollapseElement unsafeCollapseElement
unsafeInsertNodes unsafeInsertNodes
unsafeMoveCharacterData unsafeMoveCharacterData
unsafeMoveNodes unsafeMoveNodes
unsafeSetMultipleAttributes unsafeSetMultipleAttributes
unsafeSplitNode unsafeSplitNode
unsafeSplitUntil unsafeSplitUntil
unsafeWrapInSingleElement unsafeWrapInSingleElement
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