Upgrade the editor

When a new version of the FontoXML platform is released a few steps need to be taken to apply this to your editor instance.

  1. Install or update the FontoXML development tools and it's requirements, and make sure you have placed a valid Fonto (developer) license on your system.

  2. Open a command prompt in you editor instance folder.

  3. Run the fdt editor upgrade command.

  4. Optionally select addons to add and/or remove.

  5. Select Upgrade FontoXML Editor instance... and press enter.

  6. Refer to the upgrade instructions for the versions between the old version of your application and the version you are upgrading to for details on configuration changes required for the new version.

  7. Update any localization message bundles you may have using the new messages-template.json file and the localization tools.

  8. If all is well, remove the created backup folder.