FontoXML Development Tools

The development tools for FontoXML are command-line tools which offer support for developers when configuring FontoXML Editor instances and their complementary apps, and facilitate running them locally for testing purposes. They act as a gateway to the FontoXML SDK and can be used for creating and updating editor instances, and preparing XML schemas for use with FontoXML.


The development tools require NPM on Node.js® version 8.11 or higher which are freely available. After installing Node.js you can install the FontoXML development tools using the following command:


npm i -g @fontoxml/fontoxml-development-tools

You can use Node Version Manager on Linux/MacOS or its Windows counterpart to install and use multiple version of Node.js on a single system. This is useful if you develop different projects with different versions of Node.js.


Get help for the available commands:


fontoxml-development-tools --help

Get help for a specific command, detailing all its arguments:


fontoxml-development-tools <command> --help

Use the fdt shorthand instead of fontoxml-development-tools:


fdt <command> --help

Development license

Certain commands, like editor, connectors and content-quality, require a valid developer license file on your system and the permissions to run them. A license file fonto.lic can be stored in either of these locations:

  • In your user home directory ($HOME on linux/MacOS, or %homepath% on Windows).

  • In an ancestor folder of where you are running the fdt command.

Verify that your license file is installed correctly by running the fdt license validate command.

To obtain a license file, or to obtain additional permissions, please contact us at or reach out to your FontoXML contact if you have one available. License files are personal and we disadvice to store them in any version control system you might have.