Type: Function

Places the contents of the given range under the given element. Splits the start / end if needed. Does not validate and does not hold any restrictions into account.

Unsafe, do not use directly. The "unsafe" part in this function only refers to the fact that the function does not do any validation, in contrast to primitives that always guarantee a schema-valid result on an unmodified blueprint.


  1. wrapperParent


    Type: Node

    The parent which nodes to ultimately wrap

  2. wrappingStartPosition


    Where to start wrapping

  3. wrappingEndPosition


    Where to stop wrapping

  4. wrapperElement


    Type: Node

    The element / documentFragment to wrap under

  5. blueprint


    Type: Blueprint

    The blueprint in which to consider the wrap

  6. referenceNode


    Type: Node | NULL

    The node before which to place the nodes, or null to place the nodes at the end of wrapperElement