Type: Function

Splits from the position up to but not including the given parent without validation.

Should not be used directly. The "unsafe" part in this function only refers to the fact that the function does not do any validation, in contrast to primitives that always guarantee a schema-valid result on an unmodified blueprint.


  1. container


    Type: Node

    Parent of the position from which to split

  2. offset


    Type: Number

    Offset of the position from which to split

  3. parentOfLastSplit


    Type: Node

    Node at which to stop splitting, this should be an inclusive ancestor of container, and will not be split itself.

  4. blueprint


    Type: Blueprint

    Blueprint in which to perform the operation

  5. moveSplitPosition


    Type: Boolean

    Whether to move the position from which the split was started into the second half

    Default value


Type: Node | NULL

The second half of the top-most node to be split, or null if no nodes were split.