Special characters

This add-on provides a way to easily insert characters that may not be available using the normal keyboard.

To integrate this package:

To enable quickly inserting one of a preconfigured set of characters

You can use the SymbolsGrid UI component (configured with a character set, no more than a couple of tens).


function renderDrop({ closeDrop }) {
	return (

export default function MyQuickAccessSymbolsDropButton () {
	return (

As this reduced set of characters will be a subset of the full set of special characters, it is recommended to also include a button in order to open the full special characters modal nearby. This can be done, for instance, by grouping the grid together with a FxOperationMenuItem in a Menu, with a label such as "More special characters".

Additional character sets

This add-on provides a single "default" character set containing a large set of symbols. Additional character sets may be defined by creating a package that depends on this add-on. In this package's install.js, use the SpecialCharactersManager#addCharacterSetPath method to register your character set. Place the character set JSON file in "src/assets/character-sets/" inside the package, which must contain an Array of CharacterSetEntry objects.


import specialCharactersManager from 'fontoxml-special-characters/src/specialCharactersManager.js';

export default function install() {
	specialCharactersManager.addCharacterSetPath('emoji', 'assets/character-sets/emoji-character-set.json');

And then include a SymbolsGrid to directly access its characters, and / or define an operation to open the modal for this character set using the special-character-insert operation.


	"emoji-character-insert": {
		"label": "Insert emoji",
		"icon": "smile-o",
		"steps": {
			"type": "operation/special-character-insert",
			"data": {
				"characterSet": "emoji"


This package can serve as a base for custom versions of the special characters modal. It can be forked by checking it out directly in the packages folder of an editor. When making a fork, consider keeping it up-to-date with new Fonto Editor versions when they release.

We highly appreciate pull requests if you find a bug. For more general improvements or new features, please file a [support.fontoxml.com](support request). That way, we can think along and make sure an improvement is made in a way that benefits all users of this package.