Single document with multiple sheetframes

Break up the loaded document to a hierarchy.

This makes single-document editors more in-line with multiple-document editors, so that they can profit from the same optimization strategies such as templated-view based viewport culling.

This addon makes the following assumptions:

  • We are a single document editor

  • We have a query (hierarchy-node-query) which provides a balanced, possibly recursive, hierarchy

This addon has the following implications:

  • We do not need to make selections across the augmented hierarchy nodes

  • The nodes matching the hierarchy-node-query can not be deleted using delete or backspace

How to use:

  • Configure the hierarchy-node-query to match the roots of the augmented hierarchy

  • Configure all nodes matching this query as sheetframe

Note that the hierarchy node query should not result in nodes which are configureAsRemoved as a CVK family. Use path expressions (/) if the document contains layers which should not be rendered as their own sheetframes.