Fonto Content Quality

This package provides all generic logic and UI building blocks for implementing Content Quality into the Fonto Editor.

It runs a check on all documents and all changes, splits the (changed) content into, by default, block level chunks and sends them to the Content Quality backend. The results can be visualized in the content using squiggles and in a so-called 'navigator': a panel that sits on the top-right of the documents list and shows details and actions for the selected annotation (squiggle).

Installation instruction

Follow the Getting started guide.


All labels, names, and configuration in these examples can be changed to suit your use-cases. Some code snippets are partial, and should be wrapped in proper modules with the correct dependencies, or supplement existing configuration.

(Optional) Editor and schema specific configuration

Add the following configuration to config/configuration.js:


configurationManager.set('content-quality-configuration', {});

See the add-on's documentation for the supported properties.

LanguageTool annotations

The following annotation types are registered by this add-on in the urn:fontoxml:content-quality:language-tool:1.0.0 namespace:

  • grammar-error

  • spelling-error

SpellCheck annotations

The following annotation types are registered by this add-on in the urn:fontoxml:content-quality:spelling:1.0.0 namespace:

  • spelling-error


You can use the content-quality-get-node-id-and-range transform operation as the first step. This operation expects an annotationId to be set, and sets the contentQualityAnnotationNodeId and contentQualityAnnotationRange in the operationData that can be used in the next operation step(s).