Type: Function

Delete {count} characters from the characterData from the given position in the direction specified. If the operation would result in unbalanced surrogate pairs, the other part is removed as well. Count and position.offset are in characters, not code points.

Refer to primitives for more information on how to include this primitive.


  1. position


    The position at which to start removing

  2. isForwards


    Type: Boolean

    The direction to remove in

  3. blueprint


    Type: Blueprint

    The blueprint to consider the removal in

  4. count


    Type: Number

    The minimum number of characters to remove

  5. format


    Type: Format

    The format to use for the validator, synthesizer and metadata

  6. removalPosition


    Indicates the place where text has been removed, could differ from the inputted position as the surrogate pairs are removed by the pair


Type: Boolean

The success of the removal