Type: Function

In our flow, two or more positions can be equivalent.



  / \
 A   B
    / \
   C   D

In this figure, it should be obvious that the position before C, is the same as the position before B. This is because in flow, the selection of a whole element can be interpreted as the selection of its contents

Equivalence is symmetrical, before C ≈ before B and before B ≈ before C

This procedure is destructive on given positions

Refer to baseFlowUtils for more information on how to import and use this function.


  1. positionA


    The first position to compare

  2. positionB


    The second position to compare

  3. blueprint


    Type: Blueprint

    The blueprint

  4. format


    Type: Format

    The format to use for retrieving metadata


Type: Boolean

Whether the positions are equivalent