Upgrade from 7.5 to 7.6

Required Changes

Recompile your schema

Fonto 7.6.0 improves the performance of schema validation by optimizing your schema. To make sure that these optimizations will have effect on your editor, we require you to recompile your schema. This can be done using the FontoXML Development Tools with the command fdt editor schema compile.


Enable list macros

Fonto 7.6.0 can create lists by typing "1.<space>" or "-<space>". To enable this, Fonto needs to know how the list is called. This can be configured using a new property in the configureAsListElements API: options.list.nodeName.

Change FontoXML to Fonto

As 7.6.0 is released alongside a rebranding we recommend checking your editor configuration for occurences of the word FontoXML in any copy and replacing it with Fonto. We have gone through the localisable copy on our end but it may need to be adjusted in your editor.