Upgrade from 7.2 to 7.3

There are no mandatory actions for upgrading from 7.2 to 7.3. There are, however, some recommendations.


Read-only Popovers

Popovers can now be used in read-only contexts such as previews. Custom popovers may be disabled for read-only views by setting their static hidePopoverInReadOnlyViews property to true. Custom popovers are now passed an isReadOnly prop that can be used to adjust their appearance depending on the context. Note that popovers could be opened from a read-only preview of an otherwise editable document (which is also loaded in the editor). In such cases, operation-based components such as FxOperation would display as enabled, and may need to be disabled manually based on this prop to prevent editing the document from a read-only view. Please refer to the documentation on creating a popover for more information.

Documents which are loaded more then once

To support hierarchies with multiple copies of the same document, some operations now accept an optional hierarchynodeid @ fontoxml-documents/src/documentshierarchynode.js that allows targeting a specific instance of a reused document. If your editor contains custom hierarchy-modifying operations, these may need to be updated to use this property. Refer to Configure hierarchical multi-document management for details. See the guide on Configuring hierarchical multi-document management for more information.

If you have other custom add-ons like sidebars or modals, check if they work as expected when two instances of the same document are loaded. Try to filter duplicate documents on their documentid @ fontoxml-documents/src/documentsmanager.js.

Reloading documents

This release adds the option to retry loading individual documents that failed to load initially, for instance due to temporary connectivity issues. Users can use this option in many cases to avoid having to restart the entire editor session when issues have been resolved. Implementations that use custom hierarchical multi-document management (i.e., using initialDocumentsManager.setLoadingStrategy) are encouraged to implement a new retry callback in order to enable this UI for their users. See the updated Configure hierarchical multi-document management guide for details and example code. See the guide on Configuring hierarchical multi-document management for more information.

XML source view label

The XML source sidebar tab used to show both a label and an icon. This is changed to only show an icon by default. If you want to retain previous behaviour set the show-xml-source-view-tab-label configuration-value to true.