Upgrade from 7.11 to 7.11.1

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Recommended changes

Pasting tables from other applications

Some table models require an element to wrap the table structure. This includes CALS tables, where the <table> element is a figure wrapping the <tgroup>(s) that represent the actual tables. Previously, pasting such tables would only work if the table model could unambiguously be determined from the table figure element. This is not always the case when such a figure element can support different child elements.

To avoid any ambiguity, we've added a new (optional) figureQualifiedName property for transformer configuration entries that use isTable: true. If set, Fonto will automatically create the corresponding element to wrap any pasted tables that match the entry.

If your schema uses a required wrapping element surrounding your table structure(s), please consider adding this property to your pivot model configuration. The qualifiedName property of the corresponding entry can then be set to the name of the element that forms the root of the actual tabular structure. For example, for CALS tables, use the following:


    // ...
        figureQualifiedName: 'table',
        qualifiedName: 'tgroup',
        isTable: true,
        cellQualifiedName: 'entry'
    // ...