Upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2

There are no mandatory actions for upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2. There are, however, some recommendations.


Table column sizing

Custom built table column sizing functionality can, in most cases, be replaced with the new table column sizing popover provided by the platform. The .fontoxml-table-flow-cals @ /opt/app/workspace/editor-source/fontoxml-table-flow-cals/readme.md v7.2.0 add-on has been updated to support this new popover and exposes the cals-open-table-column-sizing-popover @ fontoxml-table-flow-cals/src/operations-column-sizing.json operation. For table models other than CALS, please configure widthsToFractionsStrategy and fractionsToWidthsStrategy and create an operation for editing table column widths using open-table-column-sizing-popover @ fontoxml-table-flow/src/operations-column-sizing.json as one of its steps.

Cross reference popover

The crossreferencepopover @ fontoxml-crosslink-references/src/crossreferencepopover.jsx.js now displays the markup label of the element representing the link instead of always displaying "Cross link" in the label of the popover. If you like to reinstate the old label, or like to override the default, you can make use of the new "referenceMarkupLabel" popoverdata @ fontoxml-families/src/configureproperties.js property.

Opening sidebars by default

Opening sidebars by default when opening the editor previously required executing an operation (like ) after all documents loaded. This release offers the initial-editor-sidebar-tab-id configuration option as replacement, which is recommended over the previous approach.