Upcoming Deprecations 7.14

A number of obsolete APIs of the Fonto editor will be removed in the 7.14 release, which has a planned release date of March 2021. This page describes how to move on to a replacement API. We expect this to not take longer than two days (16hrs), at most. All instructions in this list should be followed before the 7.14 release.

Most of the APIs have already been deprecated in past releases so it is possible that some of these changes have already been applied to your editor.

The instructions are grouped by their area and then sorted by difficulty.

Obsolete and unused react props

The following props or usages of props in Fonto components are deprecated:

Unused FDS constants

Unused CVK properties


The following renames have taken place in recent Fonto versions. Currently, they still work because the old name is aliased to the new one, but this will be removed in the 7.15 release.



The following files have had their extension changed:

The following files have been moved to a different directory:

Configuration variables


In the 7.8 release, we have changed how connectors work. If you use the old way of configuring connectors, please follow the Upgrade Instructions from 7.7 to 7.8 to upgrade your custom connectors if you have not already done so.

configureasimage @ fontoxml-families/src/configureasimage.js, configureasinlineimage @ fontoxml-families/src/configureasinlineimage.js, configureasimageinframe @ fontoxml-families/src/configureasimageinframe.js, configureasinlineimageinframe @ fontoxml-families/src/configureasinlineimageinframe.js

In the past, all of these families assumed the application used permanent ids. For all of these families, replace the argument like this:


// Before:
configureAsImage(sxModule, 'self::img', 'image', 'href');
// After:
configureAsImage(sxModule, 'self::img', 'image', {referenceQuery: '@href', isPermanentId: true});



A number of widgets are obsolete with the introduction of the LabelQueryWidget. Replace them accordingly:

createattributelabelwidget @ fontoxml-families/src/createattributelabelwidget.js:

We are aware of a known issue in Fonto 7.12.0 where the deprecation warning for createAttributeLabelWidget is thrown from the platform code of Fonto.

If you see the message "createAttributeLabelWidget is deprecated and will be removed in 7.14. Please use the createLabelQueryWidget instead. See https://documentation.fontoxml.com/editor/latest/upcoming-deprecations-7-14-33444398.html for more information.", perform a manual search through your editor for "createAttributeLabelWidget" and replace occurrences as described below.


// Before
// After:

createlabelwidget @ fontoxml-families/src/createlabelwidget.js:


// Before
// After:

createbulletingwidget @ fontoxml-families/src/createbulletingwidget.js:


// Before
// After:


createrelatednodeswidget @ fontoxml-families/src/createrelatednodeswidget.js:


// Before
// After:

Overriding operations, actions and transforms

Overriding operations, actions and transforms trigger a warning. It will trigger an error starting from the 7.14 release. For every operation, action or transform that causes these errors, find out why the override happens and find a public API to do the same.

Rebasing forked table flow packages

The table implementations for .fontoxml-table-flow-cals @ /opt/app/workspace/editor-source/fontoxml-table-flow-cals/readme.md v7.6.0, fontoxml-table-flow-xhtml, fontoxml-table-flow-tei, fontoxml-table-flow-basic @ /opt/app/workspace/editor-source/fontoxml-table-flow-basic/readme.md are open source to allow others to fork them to make improvements. In recent releases, we have improved the performance of our versions a lot. Please rebase your local version. If you have made changes to your version, consider to pull-request them. If those changes are integrated, we will maintain those changes so that you can use the version that is supported by the platform.