You will be hosting the FontoXML Content Quality App within your own infrastructure. FontoXML releases the application as both a Docker image and as a self-contained deployment (SCD).

Proxy & security

FontoXML Content Quality App needs a proxy endpoint to be implemented within the CMS. This endpoint needs to proxy all its requests to the FontoXML Content Quality app.

Since the editor is hosted & served by the CMS, you are able to leverage the already existing HTTP security within your proxy endpoint implementation.

The documentation for the proxy endpoint can be found in our API documentation.

Best practices

Place the FontoXML Content Quality App behind a firewall and make sure only incoming requests from the CMS are allowed.

When blocking outbound traffic, make sure to add exclusions for any annotator that needs to access external resources. For example, the annotators LanguageToolAnnotator, HttpApiAnnotator and DictionaryAnnotator (using an httpSource) can be configured with a remote resource.

Use the health API (/api/health) to periodically check for a 200 OK response indicating that the FontoXML Content Quality App is reachable.