Getting started

Make sure you have met the requirements before getting started.

This chapter describes the development experience for creating a new instance of FontoXML Content Quality App.

1) New project

Create a new project using FDT by executing the following command and replacing <version> with the appropriate Content Quality version:


fdt content-quality init --version <version>

FDT has created a file and folder based structure on your local machine as follows:

  • .env

  • Configuration/analysis.xml

The analaysis.xml file contains an example analysis configuration.

fdt content-quality init also creates a .fontoxmlFcqManifest file. This file should not be modified.

2) Configuration

After setting up a new project, it is time to configure the app, analysis and editor.Please follow the Configuration documentation for in-depth instructions.

3) Test run

You are now done configuring the FontoXML Content Quality App instance and ready to do a test run.

Execute the following command inside your working directory to get your project up and running. This command will build your image and runs it inside a Docker container. The container is cleaned up after you press Ctrl-C to stop the application.


fdt content-quality run

While running your FontoXML Content Quality App instance, start the local FontoXML Editor development server to test your app instance.

Open up a browser and visit the URL of the local development server and test the FontoXML Content Quality App integration.

See the Tutorial for an example implementation for an annotation type from backend to UX.