FontoXML 6.1.0 (February 19, 2016)

Resolved issues

  1. Operation key bindings no longer apply while a modal is open.

  2. Markings for spell checking, comments and tracked changes are no longer misaligned directly after loading the editor.

  3. The (contextual-)decrease-header-row-count operations are no longer enabled if there is no header to decrease.

  4. Instead of using the text cursor position, the context menu now always matches the clicked element.

  5. Documents created from a template no longer bypass schema validation, so errors in templates can now be spotted easily during development.

  6. The cursor can now be placed correctly in empty list items.

  7. The build info tooltip now correctly points at its icon.

  8. The cursor is no longer displayed incorrectly in Chrome at the end of an inline frame with an end delimiter.

  9. The attributes editor no longer allows empty values if the schema does not.

  10. Converting an empty paragraph to a list now correctly places the cursor inside the new list item.

  11. Clicking the toolbar in the latest versions of Chrome will no longer scroll to the top of the current document.

  12. List numbering now updates correctly after undo.

  13. Operations that automatically expand a cursor to the surrounding word no longer stop at the edges of comments or tracked changes.

  14. The browser console in Chrome no longer displays a TypeError on startup.

  15. Conrefs displayed inside other conref content now update correctly when the original is modified.

  16. Right-clicking outside of a document when no document contains the cursor no longer results in an error.

  17. Asset browse results are no longer cleared if a previous request results in an error.

  18. The attributes editor no longer causes an error for xs:dateTime attributes that do not have a value.

  19. Markings for spell checking, comments and tracked changes correctly update again in documents which are not currently on screen.

  20. Link underlines in content correctly change color to match the corresponding text when the cursor enters the document containing them.

  21. Documents are no longer incorrectly loaded from the browser cache.

  22. Executing the toggle-inline-formatting-element operation from a position at the edge of a word or outside of words now correctly places the cursor, preventing inserted inline formatting elements from being removed immediately when the operation completes.

  23. When the toggle-nestable-inline-frame operation inserts an element, the selection is now placed inside to ensure typing enters text inside rather than before the element.

  24. The title of a DITA concept is now configured as a document title instead of a section title in the example configuration.

  25. The current item in the structure view is now styled correctly when the cursor is in the title.

  26. The upload button in the document and asset browse modals no longer has a double border.

  27. The document and asset browse modals are now sized correctly in Safari.

  28. Conref content now displays properly in Safari.

  29. Operations that modify the selection now ensure the targeted document will also be focused.

  30. Certain UI elements no longer turn blurry when animations run in Safari.

  31. Thumbnail sizes in the asset browser are no longer distorted in Firefox.

  32. Clicking a placeholder will more consistently select it.

  33. The indicator shown when FontoXML is loading now displays properly in Firefox.

  34. The cursor will no longer suddenly be placed outside of an element when modifying its attributes.

  35. Accepting or rejecting a tracked change after it has been modified while the popover is open will no longer crash the editor.

  36. The cursor is now positioned correctly after pasting.

  37. Sheet frames not currently on screen will correctly reflect the lock status again when they are scrolled into view.

  38. The cursor will no longer move outside of the title in DITA map sheet frames when using the arrow keys in certain specific situations.

  39. Markings for spell checking, comments and tracked changes are no longer misaligned after removing certain content.

  40. The document no longer bounces up and down in Firefox when working near the bottom.

  41. The example configuration for DITA’s parameter list now allows the cursor to be placed in a term.

  42. Outdenting a list item no longer creates new list items if the list contains invisible XML nodes after the list item being outdented.

New functionality

  1. XPath node test expressions can now be used wherever a selector or node spec should be provided, including for all CVK configuration functions. The fonto-in-inline-layout and (for applications using the DITA platform) fonto-dita-class custom tests are provided for convenience.

  2. In narrow browser windows, the toolbar tabs will now move below the logo instead of overlapping it. Override the $ui-header-stacking-breakpoint SCSS variable to control the width at which this happens.

  3. The FontoXML build tools and development server have been overhauled and no longer require gulp. See the README file included in new application and platform upgrade SDK downloads for details on how to use the new tools.

  4. The new wrap-selection-or-container-in-structure operation replaces the wrap-selection-in-structure operation in most use-cases. When the selection is empty, the new operation will wrap the entire paragraph rather than simply inserting the structure at the cursor.

  5. Operations can supply a custom template for the preview column in asset and document browse modals using the previewTemplateId step data property.

  6. Operations can hide the preview column in the asset and document browse modals by setting the allowPreview step data property to false.

  7. All CVK families now accept a “padding” visualization option. This can be set to “normal” to add padding around the element.

  8. The base platform now supports navigating through structures using tab and shift+tab. See the “tabNagivationItemSelectorOrNodeSpec” family configuration option and the navigate-to-next-item-in-tab-context / navigate-to-previous-item-in-tab-context operations for details.

  9. The open-document-template-browser operation accepts more step data properties to modify the modal.

  10. The new vertical-replace operation replaces vertical-insert for most use cases. This new operation will remove selected content before inserting, rather than ignoring the selection completely.

  11. Pivot model configuration can now use contextual overrides to modify pasting behavior inside specified elements. The example configuration uses this to prevent pasting in a DITA codeblock from placing the pasted content outside of the frame.

  12. Operations can now use “alternatives” instead of “steps” to adopt the behavior of the first enabled operation in this specified list of operation names.

  13. An experiment is now available to ensure that pressing enter does not place the cursor at positions which should not be reachable. Set the configuration setting 'enable-experiment/correct-selection-after-enter' to true to enable this. This behavior will likely be switched on permanently in a future release, so please report any cases where a desirable cursor position can no longer be reached after enabling this experiment.

  14. The sheet frame family now accepts the “defaultTextContainer” option.

  15. The text in the modal opened by the reference-web-insert-modal and reference-web-edit-modal operations can now be overridden.

Other improvements

  1. The unsupported browser page more clearly presents alternative options.

  2. Modals can now be confirmed with ctrl+enter if the cursor is inside a multi-line input field.

  3. Markings for spell checking, comments and tracked changes are tweaked to align better.

  4. The development server will no longer return a 400 error when uploading a file that already exists.

  5. Element menu buttons gained a subtle drop shadow to more clearly separate them from the page.

  6. All table models can now use the same styling as CALS tables.

  7. Pressing ctrl/cmd+s now saves all documents instead of opening the browser’s dialog to save the page.

  8. The merge-and-insert operation now prefers inserting structures after the cursor position rather than at the start of their parent.

  9. The internal table toolbar mixin API has been removed. Applications which used this API can combine the ui-grid-size-selector component with the insert-table operation in a ui-drop to create the “insert new table” button. Refer to the platform reference for additional table-related operations.

  10. Build timestamps for the application and SDK downloads are now unambiguously displayed in UTC.

  11. The structure view now displays indicators to more clearly distinguish levels of deeply nested structures.

  12. The HTML generated for most families is more compact to improve performance. Be aware that application-level CSS selectors that make assumptions about this structure may need to change.

  13. The spell checker now uses the faster backend by default.The browser console no longer displays “undefined” for operations which have been canceled.

  14. The asset browser tree now properly aligns icons between expandable and non-expandable folders.

  15. Example configuration packages have been updated to take advantage of new functionality introduced in this release.

  16. Markings for spell checking, comments and tracked changes no longer impact performance when they are hidden.

  17. Toolbar buttons update less frequently under load to improve responsiveness.

  18. Text insertions and text deletions are no longer combined in the same undo step.

  19. Placeholders are improved for some elements in the DITA example configuration.

  20. Deleting large amounts of content with the spell checker enabled is a lot faster now.

Online services

  1. The SDK portal now renames uploaded logo and favicon files to avoid naming conflicts with other assets used by the platform.

  2. Zip files downloaded from the SDK portal no longer contain an empty examples directory if no examples are selected.

  3. The SDK portal now displays a warning if the application name contains invalid characters.

  4. Schema packages uploaded to the SDK portal may include a fonto.json file to indicate primary schema files.

  5. The SDK portal now only shows examples that are relevant for the selected platform and add-ons.

Updates for extensions

The sizing of regions in modals has changed from relative sizing to relative free space distribution. This means the width of each region column inside a region row isn’t calculated directly from its size attribute anymore. Rather, the width of each column is determined in two steps (during rendering, as a single process). Initially, they are as wide as its content, then any remaining free space of the row is divided proportionally between all columns.

ui-region-row ui-region-column(size="1") ui-region-content … ui-region-column(size="2") ui-region-content …

In this example, if any region content is narrower than its containing column, this will not make the second column exactly twice as wide as the first anymore. Instead, the second column will receive twice as much of the free space as the first.

In cases where you prefer the previous approach, add style="flex-basis: 0" to each column having a numeric size. Remember, this only applies to regions in modals.