Fonto 7.9.1 (February 11, 2020)

We found that in some cases, Fonto has issues when running in Chrome & Edge 80. In Firefox, Fonto works as expected.

For customers experiencing any issues; we have a fix available. If you experience any odd behavior using Fonto in Chrome & Edge 80, please contact us.

Affected products

This release of Fonto affects customers who use Fonto Editor and/or Fonto Document History.

Resolved issues

  1. Resolved a number of issues that could cause the scroll position to move unexpectedly in various cases, including when working with reused documents or JIT loading.

  2. Resolved a few issues that could cause an "operation failed" message when working in lists.

  3. Resolved a bug that could cause Fonto to stop responding when using Find and Replace.

  4. For an overview of resolved issues in Fonto Document History, please see the release notes of Document History.