Fonto 7.7.1 (June 27, 2019)

Resolved issues

  1. This hotfix improves the robustness of IME input detection, fixing a few cases where input might arrive in the wrong order or leak into read-only parts of the document.

  2. Resolved a regression in 7.7.0 where Fonto could crash with the error "Unable to get property parentNode of undefined or null reference" due to a bug in Microsoft Edge.

  3. Resolved a regression in 7.7.0 where a reducer or other observed query might not update when related nodes are moved in certain ways.

  4. Resolved an issue in 7.7.0 where undefined attribute values would always cause operations to become disabled.

  5. Improved performance when observing many and/or complex XPath queries.

  6. Improved performance when replacing a large number of search results using "Replace all".

  7. This release, combined with a hotfix for the Fonto Development Tools, fixes a regression where localization template files would not include messages from .jsx source files.

    If you updated your localization bundles after upgrading to the 7.7.0 release, some messages may have been removed from your bundles as a result of this regression. We recommend updating these bundles again from an earlier copy, using Fonto 7.7.1 and FDT 2.4.1, to restore any translations for these messages. Any newly translated messages will potentially have to be added again after doing so.

Other improvements

  1. Based on your feedback, we've added a new feature flag enable-auto-capitalize-sentences @ fontoxml-block-flow/src/setdefaultconfiguration.js to enable or disable the auto capitalization of sentences. By default this feature is turned on.