Fonto 7.12.1 (October 9, 2020)

Resolved issues

  1. Fixed a problem with the Fonto Spell Checker Docker image where accented capitalized words were reported as incorrectly spelled, while the suggested replacement was the exact same word without capitals.

  2. Removed the deprecation warning triggered when using the configureAsRelatedLink family from the fontoxml-dita add-on.

  3. Fixed a problem where the SheetFrameHeader and lock state widget would not update when the lock reason changed, but the lock status did not change.

  4. Fixed a problem where the filters in the Search sidebar did not apply to the replace operation.

  5. Fixed a crash that could happen in certain rare situations, including sometimes when using Content Quality and simultaneously loading and unloading documents with content containing tables or using reducers.

  6. Fixed an issue where the callback registered using registerPastedNodesFilter would be called without a blueprint when pasting from other applications.

Other improvements

  1. The performance of loading large documents in editors with attribute indices enabled is improved.

  2. For the release notes of Fonto Review, please click here.