Fonto 7.10.1 (April 14, 2020)

Affected products

This release of Fonto affects all customers with Fonto Editor as well as customers with Fonto Review. This release of Fonto also includes a new version of the Fonto Development Tools (FDT).

Resolved issues

  1. Resolved an issue where the quick navigation modal did not allow users in Safari to type anything.

  2. Resolved an issue in the quick navigation modal where users were allowed to Shift+Tab out of the modal into the document content.

  3. Resolved an issue in FDT where it suggested an incorrect update instruction after checking for updates.

  4. Resolved an issue in FDT which caused assets to be improperly cached when running development builds.

  5. For an overview of issues resolved in Fonto Review, please see the release notes of Fonto Review.